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The RAMP Study Areas

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo in northeastern Alberta defines the RAMP Regional Study Area (RSA). Within the Regional Study Area, a Focus Study Area (FSA) is defined by the watersheds in which oil sands development is occurring or planned, as well as those parts of the Athabasca River and Clearwater River channels within the RSA. The Focus Study Area is comprised of two major areas, one to the north of Fort McMurray and one to the south.

Most of the intensive monitoring activity conducted by RAMP occurs within the RAMP Focus Study Area. However, the Acid Sensitive Lakes component conducts monitoring in lakes and ponds within and beyond the RAMP Regional Study Area, including the upland areas (the Stony Mountains, the Muskeg River Uplands, and the Caribou Mountains).

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RAMP Regional Study Area and Focus Study Area
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Acid-Sensitive Lakes Subregion
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