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People of the lower Athabasca

The history of Northern Alberta and the natural resources of the region have led to a greatly varied population. The aboriginal peoples of the region, including Chipewyan, Cree and Dene First Nations groups and M├ętis; the fur traders and merchants of the pre-industrial era; and the migrant workers from all over Canada and from around the globe, weave a rich cultural and historical landscape that make the region what it is today.

The People of the lower Athabasca region are explored through:

This module of the RAMP website learning materials focuses on the History of the Region, provides an introduction to the communities of the Athabasca and covers the subject of Traditional Knowledge and its role in preserving cultural and traditional resources and ensuring good governance in the the context of industrial development.

To view a historical timeline of the Athabasca region, view the interactive people timeline.



Traditional land use studies assist in the transfer of traditional knowledge about the land to younger generations and non-aboriginal groups (Pictured - James Grandjambe and Ann Garibaldi).
Source: Barry Hockstein. Used with permission of Fort McKay IRC.
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