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Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program

The Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) website provides access to a wide range of information related to the program. RAMP is an industry-funded, multi-stakeholder environmental monitoring program initiated in 1997. The intent of RAMP is to integrate aquatic monitoring activities across different components of the aquatic environment, different geographical locations, and Athabasca oils sands and other developments in the Athabasca oil sands region so that long-term trends, regional issues and potential cumulative effects related to oil sands and other development can be identified and addressed. The material provided on this website include:

In addition to this background information, learning materials have been included to support a common understanding of the environment and specifically aquatic ecosystems in the lower Athabasca Basin. The learning materials are broken down into the following themes:

These learning materials can be accessed using the menus at the top of this page and navigated using the menu on the left-hand side. Each theme is supported by photographs, maps and illustrations and a series of Interactive Features, accessed using the menu at the bottom left.

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