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RAMP celebrates 10 years with a new website

Jan 18 2009

"This update sees new and improved access to information about RAMP and its activities.  

The RAMP information is accompanied by new learning materials designed to support public understanding of the aquatic environment and provide context for the monitoring program as a whole. The update provides information relating to the river, the resources and environmental management practices and the people residing in the area together with maps, diagrams and interactive features, designed to assist in the understanding of key concepts. These materials have been assembled to increase understanding of what the RAMP program is, how it functions and what the findings mean.

We hope that you find this new website informative and we look forward to any feedback you might have."

Patrick O'Brien
RAMP Steering Committee Chair

Mr. Patrick O'Brien (Suncor) is the current RAMP Steering Committee chairperson. The RAMP Steering Committee is the multi-stakeholder decision body of RAMP responsible for the management and implementation of the program.

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