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RAMP responds to release of federal/Alberta monitoring implementation plan

Feb 3 2012

RAMP is reviewing the monitoring strategy document released today by the federal and Alberta governments. We were pleased to be able to provide our data and other information to the government panels as they developed this new environmental monitoring program and, as previously stated, we will provide whatever additional support we can in implementation of the new program.
We are continuing with our aquatic monitoring programs, in support of our existing mandate, and we will continue to make our data available to government and to the public via the RAMP website at
RAMP members are proud of the organization’s 14-year history as a science-driven, multi-stakeholder environmental monitoring program and are proud of the knowledge we have amassed since RAMP’s inception. We have collected a body of data that has increased overall understanding of the cumulative aquatic effects of resource development in the Lower Athabasca region, and we have contributed key foundational elements for a new environmental monitoring program.

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