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RAMP Responds to Federal Oil Sands Panel Report

Dec 21 2010

Continuous updating and improvement of the monitoring program managed by the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) are a fundamental part of RAMP’s mandate. While RAMP’s program is both extensive and long-standing, we welcome all input that is focused on the enhancement of aquatic monitoring systems and a better overall understanding of the cumulative aquatic effects of resource development in the Lower Athabasca region.

To that end, RAMP cooperated fully in its engagement with the federal advisory panel during the development of the panel’s report.

As the federal panel correctly notes, there is “a universal interest in achieving responsible development of the oil sands among those involved in current monitoring,” and RAMP supports recommendations that would continue to make certain the best possible aquatic monitoring systems are in place in the Lower Athabasca region.

RAMP is a science-based, multi-stakeholder organization that has strived to serve the needs of its stakeholders, including the people of the Wood Buffalo Region and, indeed, the long-term interests of all Albertans for more than a dozen years.

RAMP is justifiably proud of its accomplishments and the expertise and knowledge that has been amassed since its inception in 1997 (readily acknowledged by the federal panel) and believes that any change in its governance structure requires consultation so that all stakeholders can be assured their needs will continue to be met and their views recognized. Any new funding requirements must also be a matter of consultation and discussion with stakeholders.

RAMP, as one of the organizations currently providing monitoring in the Lower Athabasca, will continue to work with regulators and other agencies at the federal and provincial level to support the continued enhancement of monitoring in the region.

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