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Monitoring Summary by Component

The following table shows the waterbodies where monitoring by RAMP is conducted.

Location Waterbody RAMP Monitoring Component
Water Benthos3 Sediment Fish populations Hydrology
Athabasca River Delta Fletcher Channel    
Goose Island Channel    
Big Point Channel    
Embarras River    √  
Athabasca River Athabasca River
Eastern Athabasca Tributaries McLean Creek        
Steepbank River  
North Steepbank River        
Mills Creek      
Muskeg River
Muskeg River Tributaries:          
Jackpine Creek
Wapasu Creek      
Muskeg Creek      
Shelley Creek        
Stanley Creek        
Iynimin Creek      
Fort Creek
Firebag River
Western Athabasca Tributaries MacKay River  
Tar River
Ells River
Beaver River
Poplar Creek
Red Clay Creek      
Big Creek      
Eymundson Creek      
Pierre River      
Calumet River  √
Dunkirk River    
Southern Athabasca Tributaries Clearwater River
Christina River  √
Hangingstone River    
High Hills River    
Surmont Creek        
Horse River    
Wetlands Johnson Lake    
McClelland Lake  
Kearl Lake  
Isadore's Lake  
Shipyard Lake    
Susan Lake        
Regional Lakes   1     2  

1 50 regional lakes monitored for Acid Sensitive Lakes Component.

2 Select lakes monitored for fish tissue (Gregoire Lake, Lake, Claire, Christina Lake, Winefred Lake, Namur Lake, Gardiner Lake, Big Island Lake, Jackson Lake, Keith Lake, Net Lake, Brutus Lake).

3 Benthos includes benthic macroinvertebrate organisms that live in or on sediment.

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